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Notary Services

A Notary Public is a person who is authorized to be an official witness to the execution of agreements, contracts and many more types of legal documents. A Notary Public can also make certified true copies, and affirm statutory declarations. 

In BC a lawyer can provide any service that a Notary Public can provide. For your convenience we have many commonly Notarized forms in our office. These include but are not limited to:
  • Blank Statutory declaration forms
  • Passport Canada 'in lieu of guarantor form'
  • Invitation letters
  • Travel authority consent forms for a parent/person travelling with a minor child
There are many different types of documents that need to be notarized, accordingly this list is non-exhaustive. If you have a document to be notarized, call our firm and we will confirm that a Notary Public is available for you.

Do you have a question? See our Notary Public FAQs section for some commonly asked questions.

menu of Notary services

Most Notary Services incur a charge of $30, this includes upto two attestations. Further attestations are charged $15 per additional attestation.
Land Title Documents are charged a minute rate of $75, this includes upto 5 attestations, further attestations incur an additional $15 charge.
For your convenience, please call to ensure this service is available prior to coming into the office.


Notary Public

Does Christ & Co Law Corp. provide Notary services? When can I come in for this service?
  • Yes, our firm provides all Notary services. 
  • For your convenience we have have many common forms like invitation letters, passport forms, travel authority for children and blank statutory declaration forms that you can fill out in our office before signing in the presence of a Notary/Lawyer.
  • All Notary services are available from Tuesday to Saturday, you do not need to make an appointment for this but we do ask you to call us on the day you would like to come in so that we can ensure we have a Notary available for you.
  • We have Notary services available to a limited extent on Mondays with a Commissioner in the office who can provide limited Notary services. For example, a Commissioner cannot witness any documents leaving the country or certify true copies of any document.
What is the fee to have a document notarized?
  • The fee to have a document notarized depends on how many documents require witnessing.
  • The minimum fee is $30.00, this includes upto two documents that can be witness by the Notary Public.
  • Each additional document is charged $15.00 per attestation.
  • The charge to witness any Land Title documents is $75.00 and this includes upto five witness signatures by the Notary Public. Each additional document is charged at $15.00 per attestation.